Creating, performing and publishing new sound and intermedia arts internationally.

Index of historic information on austraLYSIS and SOMA Activities, with a few press comments


Information on earlier work : 2011-2003      2009-2004       2003-1999      RationalArtsFunding      SoundMediaforMuseums      DrMetagroove      LowHz       


      Programmes (with notes) from some of our events: link to come


      Images of events: link to come



See also soundsRite, a journal of online creative work in sound, text and image, founded (2009) and edited by Hazel Smith and Roger Dean.

Other Activities and Earlier Work:
Go to our Recent Work page for more information on some of our other activities.

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austraLYSIS is based in Sydney and London. Contact: PO Box 225, Milperra, NSW 2214, Sydney, Australia. Tel + 61 481 309612;
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