austraLYSIS SoundMedia Production
Principals : Roger Dean and Greg White
Composition, sound and image, for video, dance, theatre, museum and multimedia

PO Box 225, Milperra, NSW 2214, Australia
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austraLYSIS SoundMedia Production (aLSMP) combines the facilities of austraLYSIS, international sound arts and polymedia creative and performance group; Roger Dean (composer/ improviser/ performer/ digital visual artist/ programmer); and Greg White (composer/ sound designer/ recording and mixing engineer/ programmer), and offers :

Composition, sound and image design and recording for video, radio, dance, theatre, museum and multimedia

austraLYSIS SoundMedia Production (aLSMP) was established to provide under one umbrella the whole range of sound production services, from composition to sound design; acoustic to electro-acoustic sound generation, recording and mixing; for video, performance and gallery. It offers specialist skills in each of the components of sound manipulation for film, video, radio, multimedia, and live performance. Though a commercial venture, it is concerned more with the creative and artistic portion of the market than the entertainment or advertising strands. A principle of austraLYSIS SoundMedia Production's operation is that one member of the group takes charge of each individual component required for a particular production : for example, the primary responsibility for sound design is separated from that for composition. aLSMP always retains all rights to the compositions, images and recordings beyond those directly needed for the video, multimedia or performance work itself.
A sample cd-rom of diverse work in sound, text and image by members of aLSMP is available on request.

Services offered by austraLYSIS SoundMedia Production:

Composition: In Roger Dean and Greg White aLSMP has the services of internationally regarded composers and improvisers, with a huge range of stylistic expertise and innovation behind them. RD is a specialist in the most adventurous compositional techniques, while also expert in traditional styles, and particularly in jazz and improvisation. GW has a breadth of compositional experience from commercial to classical, and has command of rock and popular idioms. Both composers have unique expertise in computer mediated-composition, computer sound generation and manipulation, and computer-interactive programming for sound performance, and for sound and text works and other multimedia. Performance scores can be provided in Notewriter or Finale digital format; or as Standard Midi Files, as appropriate.

Performance : austraLYSIS is one of the most travelled and internationally renowned new music group in Australia, and has made more than 30 commercial releases. Its members, notably RD, have experience in performing in international contexts ranging from the Academy of Ancient Music, the London Sinfonietta and The Philharmonia Orchestra, to the Australian Chamber Orchestra, the Hoarded Dreams International Jazz Orchestra, and the Wallace Collection. austraLYSIS can provide the finest level of performing musicians available for recording in Sydney. aLSMP also has the services of conductors with experience directing music new and old, with ensembles ranging from the Australian Chamber Orchestra, to Loose Tubes, and Sonant.

Recording : aLSMP provides computer sound generation as well as studio recording of acoustic performers in its Macintosh-based multitrack digital editing/mixing facilities. For example, GW has been music producer/engineer on many Australian feature films, including 'Dead Heart' and the 'Well'

Sound Design : aLSMP provides a team which can integrate sound design and music; or simply provide music tracks to the client. aLSMP prefers to take the overall responsibility for a soundtrack, including dialogue, atmos, SFX and music. For instance, GW oversaw these roles for the short film 'Freestyle', which won the prize for best short film at the San Diego Film Festival in 1997. aLSMP can offer great experience in solving time-based creative and technical audio problems.

Computer interactive and multimedia programming : In these potentially dominant media of the future, RD and GW have an unusual range of software skills available for both sound and image production, and have written many unique programs : using for example, Director/Lingo, Flash, MAX/MSP/Jitter, HTML, LiSa, SoundHack, CSound, OSX, Unix,VRML, etc

Verbal text presentation. and installations : aLSMP has available the services of Hazel Smith, internationally known text artist, who works both for the printed page (as in her books and numerous publications in poetry journals), for radio (see several austraLYSIS cd releases, including 'Poet Without Language', and see the Australian Broadcasting Corporation website); and for the moving hypermedia of cd-rom and the web (as for example in many austraLYSIS works since'Walking the Faultlines', released 1998 by the International Computer Music Association on its first cd-rom 'Cyberquilt'; and WORDSTUFFS, a web piece commissioned by the Australian Film Commission for their 1998 STUFFART site). In these works spoken, written, and projected/animated text interact dynamically with each other, as well as with other sound and image components. aLSMP work has also been installed in museums, and at conferences, such as in 1998 at ISEA in the UK. Details of such creative works are included on this website.

Cvs of the principals in austraLYSIS SoundMedia Production are elsewhere on this austraLYSIS web site.

Contractual terms :
aLSMP requires full scheduling at the time of contract; and recommends that compositional and sound recording budgets be arranged at the outset of production, rather than at the late stages. It retains copyright for all uses other than those integral to the initial production; and requires copyright reversion clauses which take effect upon expiry of the initial use.

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