"phenomenal musicianship" (Sydney Morning Herald, 1995)

"sonic powerscapes" (Sydney Morning Herald, 1996)

"incredible interaction" (The Wire, 1996)

"cutting edge..eclectic..consummate" (British Broadcasting Corp. Radio3, 1997)

"ever challenging" (Sydney Morning Herald, 2000)  

"sparks of genius" (Artforce, 2000)

"continue to push the parameters of music and multimedia...probing the nature of performance art" (Sydney Morning Herald, October 2004)

austraLYSIS Previous Work (c 1999-2003)

In December 2003 Hazel Smith gave a paper about the work of austraLYSIS, “The Erotics of Gossip: fictocriticism, performativity, technology” at the conference, Incorporated: Bodies, Technologies, Habitats: Conference for the Cultural Studies Association of Australasia, Christchurch Arts Centre, University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

Roger Dean appeared solo and in group performance at the Canberra City Art Gallery, Civic, ACT, on the evening of Friday 14th November 2003, together with touring improvisers from Melbourne, and other Canberra musicians including Richard Johnson (winds), and Somaya Langley (lap top).

austraLYSIS received notification in early November 2003 that the Australia Council would continue its current Key Organisations grant through the Music Board. While the support remains only a modest proportion of that requested and needed, austraLYSIS remains very grateful for this ongoing support.

In 2003 our hypermedia work The Egg, The Cart, The Horse, The Chicken, by Hazel Smith and Roger Dean was included as part of a multimedia showcase in FutureWord, Bumbershoot Festival, US.

In November 2003, Hazel Smith gave a poetry reading at The Loft poetry reading series at UTS, Sydney. This included a performance of her collaboration with Roger Dean, the writer, the performer, the program, the madwoman. She also gave a plenary address at the conference Negotiations: Writing, the Academy, Publishing. Conference of the Association of Australian Writing Programs, University of New South Wales. The paper was entitled “Cursors and Crystal Balls: digital technologies and the futures of writing”.

Geoffrey Morris has recorded Roger Dean's piece for solo guitar, Plaka, in his 'Sono' series of solo instrumental compositions, for release on a RedHouse CD, which includes this and all other works in their published anthology of Guitar scores. The score can be realised by solo performer, but the recording takes advantage of overdubbing to create the fullest realisation possible.

Hazel Smith gave a plenary paper at the conference of the Australian Association of Writing Programs at the University of New South Wales in November 2003 in which she included a demonstration of soundAFFECTs and also a performance of 'The Writer, The Performer, The Program, The MadWoman', with pre-recorded real-time processing of the spoken text by Roger Dean and austraLYSIS.

Hazel Smith gave a performance at the University of Technology, Sydney, LOFT WRITERS' READINGS, Thursday 6th November 2003; she included a version of 'The Writer, The Performer, The Programer, The MadWoman', with pre-recorded real-time processing of the spoken text, by Roger Dean. The piece exists also as a live performance work with two computer interactive performers, as presented first at the Sydney Conservatorium austraLYSIS performance of 11 October 2003. Amanda Stewart was the companion perfomer in this LOFT event.

austraLYSIS appeared at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, presenting new multimedia performance work, on Saturday 11 October 2003. This event was in the New Music Network's first Sydney series, which includes performances by the Song Company, Ensemble Offspring, Synergy, and other member ensembles. Details are to be found here.

Roger Dean appeared on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio National 'Music Show' in an extended interview on Saturday 11 October, 2003, c 10.15 am, discussing the event, computer interactive music, austraLYSIS' work, and previous interactions with Karlheinz Stockhausen: available on 576 AM, other local frequences. The interview was available online as RealAudio at the ABC RN Music Show.

Roger Dean presented a paper on our initiation of "NoiseSpeech", a subgenre of the massive digital 'noise' performance movement, at the 'International Music and Gesture' Conference at the University of East Anglia, UK, August 2003.

austraLYSIS work was referenced in Gordon Monro's article on 'Computer Music in New South Wales', Organised Sound, 6, 55-61 (2001); and its endeavours in 'digital instrument creation' in Andrew Brown's article on the subject in the Australian Computer Music Conference Proceedings, 2003. Andrew Brown has also written extensively on our 'Computer Interactive Sound Improvisation' (A-R Editions, USA, 2003, book and cdr), in Sounds Australian, 62 (2003), pp.55-56, indicating that it provides "insights into the importance of generative systems in improvised musical performances [which] are far reaching" and "brings together the threads that have informed this emerging practice and provides some clear pointers to its future".

Extensive documentation of two of austraLYSIS sound design projects for the web, lead by Roger Dean, appears on the Australian Sound Design project web site, curated by Ros Bandt and Ian Mott at the University of Melbourne.

austraLYSIS work is referenced on the Australian Music online site, www.amo.org.au.


Roger Dean has published "Hyperimprovisation: Computer-Interactive Sound Improvisation", with A-R Editions, USA, the major computer music publisher. The volume has 203 pages, and includes a CD-R with 3 sound pieces, several web pieces, software and other items. Composers/creators represented on the cd-r include austraLYSIS and Dean, together with Curtis Bahn, Rod Berry, Paul Hodgson, Darani Lewers, Eric Lyon, Martin Ng, Per-Anders Nilsson, Hazel Smith, Greg White, and Mitchell Whitelaw. See www.areditions.com for ordering and for additional info.


Our piece Musecal Detective, released on altx in their Network Voices anthology (www.altx.com./audio), was released in the Hipersonica Electronic Language International Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil (August 7-23 2003): see www.file.org.br.

austraLYSIS' sound, text and animation piece "The Egg The Cart The Horse The Gate" has been published by the new refereed international journal of multimedia writing, infLect.

Smith, H. and R. T. Dean (2003). "Voicescapes and Sonic Structures in the Creation of Sound Technodrama." Performance Research 8(1): 112-123.


austraLYSIS work is represented on the new cd from the New Music Network, Australia; "Network Sounds: New Music Network New Music from Australia 2002" includes austraLYSIS performing Roger Dean's 'Evolution II for instruments and computer-interactive system', live in Sydney, December 2000. NMN 001. See www.newmusicnetwork.com.au. A limited number of promotional copies are available from Dr.Metagroove@mindless.com, for the cost of the postage.


Hazel Smith and Roger Dean have published an academic article on their work the Egg the Cart the Horse the Gate, and its broader creative and educational implications: Smith, H. and Dean, R. T. (2002). "The Egg The Cart The Horse The Chicken: Cyberwriting, Sound, Intermedia." Interactive Multimedia Electronic Journal of Computer Enhanced Learning 4(1): http://imej.wfu.edu. This is freely available on the web.

Dean has also published on creative arts and new media in Southern Review, 35/3 (2002, pp10-22).

austraLYSIS' multimedia works "Walking the Faultlines", and "Wordstuffs" are documented on the new Australian Sound Design Project web site http://www.sounddesign.unimelb.edu.au/site/index1.html.

CD RELEASES FROM 2001, but not to hand previously

'Arc of Light', for solo piano, by Ian Shanahan. Roger Dean plays piano. On Jade CD 1091 (2001)

' Lines of Light', for recorder, synthesizer, and percussion; and 'Zodiac', for recorder, wind controller, and keyboards/computer; by Ian Shanahan. On Jade CD 1091 (2001; recorded by austraLYSIS)


"Prosethetic Memories", an austraLYSIS work by Anne Brewster, Hazel Smith and Roger Dean, involving 2 screen projection and complex audio, was performed by Dean at the 5th Digital Arts and Culture Conference, Melbourne, Tuesday May 20th 2003, at the Bougie Cafe.

Kimmo Vennonen's 'Waterwheel', the sonic journey of a drop of water, was installed at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Belconnen, Canberra, May 2003, as part of the ACT Government's 24:7, Public Art Program. The work was launched by Roger Dean, on Friday 16 May 2003.

The launch for the combined exhbition of touring work of Darani Lewers, Helge Larsen and the retrospective of Margo Lewers at the Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra, was on Wednesday 1st May, 2003. A multimedia collaboration done within the austraLYSIS aegis, between Darani and Roger Dean, was performed by Dean : 'The Centre Series' is an interactive image and sound work.

austraLYSIS together with the University of Canberra presented a cutting edge sound event, free but by invitation only, in Canberra on April 16 2003, at the University. The event was in part to welcome Simone de Haan, trombonist, composer-improviser, educationalist (the new head of Canberra School of Music) to Canberra. Other performers were Mitchell Whitelaw, Alistair Riddell, Roger Dean and Greg White (Sydney). Various formations appeared, inlcuding new projects from Whitelaw and Riddell, and the perturbed drum and bass of Dr Metagroove. Information about Dean and White is to be found on this austraLYSIS web site; other information is here.

The austraLYSIS Electroband appeared in the Sonic Alchemy series at the Brett Whitely Studio, Surry Hills, Sydney, on the afternoon of Sunday 2 February 2003.

austraLYSIS appeared at the Powerhouse, Brisbane, on the evenings of 18 and 19 October 2002. It presented a multimedia performance event, including computer interactive improvisation by the austraLYSIS Elecroband, and works involving text and image, real time and performed. The artists were Roger Dean, Sandy Evans, Hazel Smith and Greg White. Dean's acousmatic piece 'PianoStones' was premiered, and there were new versions of Evolution 4, an interactive electroacoustic work; and Virtual Movements, a two screen interactive image and sound piece.

Roger Dean performed 'The Centre Series', an interactive image and sound work done in collaboration with Darani Lewers, at the opening of Lewers/Larsen's major exhibition at Manly Art Gallery, Friday October 11, 2002, 18.00 onwards.

Hazel Smith performed her texts on September 7th 2002 at the Australian Poetry festival in Sydney, and on October 5th at the Tasmanian Poetry Festival in Launceston. On October 6th she appeared at the ACT Spring Poetry Festival in Canberra (accompanied by Roger Dean (sound)).

Aaron McMillan presented 'Arc of Life', a recital of Australian piano works to launch his new cd of the same name, created as a cultural contribution from Australia to the new Library of Alexandria, Egypt. This recital was in the '88 Colours of the Keyboard' festival at Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre, Penrith (20 4721 8832) on Saturday September 14th, 20.00. The concert and cd included the premiere performance and recording of Roger Dean's '3 Bagatelles : for Left and Right'.

Roger Dean and Hazel Smith were featured guests, together with Richard Johnson, on Artsound FM, Canberra, on the final Fretless programme, on the evening of 15 August 2002, introduced/programmed by Andrew Torda and Barbara Schwarz. Andrew and Barbara moved to Hamburg, Germany, in late September.

Hazel Smith and Roger Dean performed their text, image and sound works at the Arts Cafe Lunch Event series, Gallery Cafe, University of Canberra, Bruce, ACT 2617, Australia, on Wednesday 28 August 2002, from 12.30-14.00. Included the first performance of a new sound and text work by Smith and Dean, 'Minimal'.

Hazel Smith was featured guest on Artsound FM, Canberra, on the Fretless programme, on the evening of 15 August 2002, introduced/programmed by Andrew Torda and Barbara Schwarz.

Roger Dean was invited to appear with the international Cathedral Band, and its founder, American William Duckworth, in the MiniMax festival at Brisbane Powerhouse, on the evening of 3 August 2002.

austraLYSIS initiated a Canberra segment of the annual adventurous 'What is Music?' festival, based in Sydney and created by Oren Ambarchi and Rob Avenaim.The event was on 10 July 2002, at the University of Canberra (UC). It was supported by UC and austraLYSIS Productions Inc. Performers were Rob Avenaim, Roger Dean, Richard Johnson, and Kimmo Vennonen (solos, ensembles, toys, installations). Cutting edge. Details and free invitations (subject to space) were available from dr.metagroove@mindless.com.

Hazel Smith appeared at the Brett Whiteley Studio, Surry Hills, Sydney, in a Poets' Union Reading, Sunday 28 April 2002. To quote the Union's press release: "Hazel Smith -- intelligent, powerful, innovative and exciting -- a real original. Don't miss her."

austraLYSIS Electroband performed at the Weereewa Festival (of Lake George, near Canberra, ACT, Australia) on the evening on Sudnay 7 April 2002. The event was at the WoodWork Gallery in Bungendore. New immersive work from Roger Dean (keyboards, computers); Sandy Evans (saxophones; computers); and Greg White (sound projection, computers, sound sources).

Hazel Smith presented her poetry, prose and performance work t the 2002 Autumn Writing Festival of the NSW Writers' Centre, Sydney, on Sunday 10 March 2002.


austraLYSIS' work was chosen for inclusion on 'Homo Sonorus', a cd-set of International Sound Poetry, published by the National Center for Contemporary Art, Kaliningrad Branch, Russia (2001). This comes with a substantial book of essays and biographies, including Hazel Smith.

December 17th 2001 : The Listening Room of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's ABC FM broadcast a large segment of Dean's "Meme-ing Ex Cathedra" ( see information for Dec 2 2001, below). This was part of a two week anniversary celebration of the Marconi's contributions to radio.

austraLYSIS at Performance Space, 199 Cleveland Street, Sydney, Australia. SoundVision Events #6December 14th/15th 2001, at 20.00 (2 separate events). New computer-interactive sound and hypermedia performance works by austraLYSIS and its collaborators, involving real-time computer-interactive generation and manipulation of sound, image, text and video. Premieres included Meme-ing 2 by Roger Dean, in which sonic ideas behave somewhat like Lamarckian genes; real time image generation from musical algorithms, in a piece entitled Virtual Movements; and ProseThetic Memories, a work of text, VRML and sound by Anne Brewster, Hazel Smith and austraLYSIS. On Friday evening, austraLYSIS collaborated with special guest performer, Phil Slater (trumpet/computers); on Saturday it focused on its own work, including the premieres mentioned. "ever challenging … the pick of the avant-garde groups" (SMH). Performers/creators included: austraLYSIS, Anne Brewster, Roger Dean, Sandy Evans, Neil Simpson, Phil Slater, Hazel Smith, the austraLYSIS Electroband, Greg White. GST-free performances!

December 5, 2001 'Sounding Science', an electroacoustic piece of Roger Dean was presented in a 24 hour event, 'The Sound Thing" at the Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona, Spain, organised by En Red O 2001. Play the piece on this web site:

Sunday December 2, 2001, 13.00-14.00 GMT, austraLYSIS performed a 6O-minute premiere by Roger Dean, "Meme-ing ex cathedra", direct to the web as part of the international 'Cathedral' 48h sound webcast, organised from New York by composer William Duckworth. The Pitchweb, part of the Cathedral website, was available for live performance by multiple users at some points during the 48 hour period. See the Cathedral website at Monroestreet for details of the whole event (www.monroestreet.com/ Cathedral/ 01_info.html; and /main.html). austraLYSIS acknowledges the assistance of Andrew McLennan and the Listening Room of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in streaming the event.

November 2001 : Aaron McMillan, newly recovered from a major operation covered in an ABC documentary, was to record Roger Dean's "Three Bagatelles for Piano", for an album of diverse Australian piano works to accompany the celebrations of the opening of the Alexandria library, Egypt.

November 19th, 2001 : the austraLYSIS Electroband appeared at the Pitch series, Manning Bar, University of Sydney, featuring Phil Slater (trumpet).

October 2001 : Tall Poppies released 'Uluru', an unusual album of solo cello works performed by David Pereira, all focused on the Aboriginal place. TP 096.

October 2001 : Roger Dean provided recorded electro-acoustic music for Kinetic Energy's new work Shake-Speare Part 1, on the life and times of Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford. Performances at The Edge, Bray St, off King Street, Newtown, Sydney, NSW 2042, throughout October.

On the Listening Room, of ABC Classic FM, a network of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation: 9pm Monday August 27, 2001. 'The Erotics of Gossip'. By Hazel Smith (text) and Roger Dean (sound). A multi-voiced work with performed and computer-manipulated sound, which intertwines fact and fiction, and suggests that gossip can be either destructive or creative, depending on its cultural context. It moves between different times and places, from 17th century Britain to a futuristic authoritarian regime, and dramatises the role of gossip in the struggle between the powerful and the oppressed. Much of the piece pivots on the relationship between gossip and sex. Text and performance: Hazel Smith. Keyboard and computer manipulations: Roger Dean. Other voices: Brandon Burke, Jenny Vuletic, Judy Nunn, Rachael Blake, William Zappa. Sound engineer: Andrei Shabunov. Production: Andrew McLennan.

2001 NEW RELEASE : on cross platform CD-Rom 'Returning the Angles' by Hazel Smith and Roger Dean . Soma CD 787, ISBN 1 876783 01 X. A text/sound/performance work, including interactive VRML-animation (for Mac), or Quicktime movie (for PC). You can buy from austraLYSIS, for $25 AUD, or 10 pounds sterling (including sea mail where needed).

August-October 2001. A current activity of austraLYSIS member Greg White: Greg provided the sound and sound design for a beautiful installation by Lynette Wallworth in the SPACE ODYSSEYS exhibition at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. See our links page for information on Greg's web site, GreatWhiteNoise.

July 2001; The austraLYSIS Electroband performed at the Australasian Computer Music Conference, held at the University of Western Sydney, presenting the first performance of "Meme-ing", and Roger Dean's "Where".

Roger Dean was on the advisory board for ISIS-Symmetry July 2001 conference in Sydney.

A new technodrama "The Erotics of Gossip" commissioned from Hazel Smith and Roger Dean by the ABC for the Listening Room. Recorded March 2001.


November 2000 : The Australia Council, Australia's federal arts funding agency, awards austraLYSIS Productions Inc their most select category of applicable support : a Triennial Grant, 2001-2003, making austraLYSIS one of their "Key Organisations". The award letter encouragingly states that we are 'one of Australia's outstanding arts organisations in the area of research and development'. austraLYSIS is very pleased with this appropriate long-term confidence in its innovative sound and intermedia work.

2000: The Digital Music Archives (UK) accepted two austraLYSIS CDs for distribution : the Electroband's 'Present Tense', and austraLYSIS' 'Acouslytic'. Director/Composer Richard Gonski commented of the former : 'The combination of acoustic and electronic is really seamless and the whole thing flows beautifully.... A stunning CD.' See our links page to connect to this extremely interesting source of electronic and computer sound cds.

2000: Accompanying the release of austraLYSIS/Lysis new double cd recording on Future Music Records UK, 'Lysis Lives: Resounding in the Mirror' FMR CD73-0900, is a major article on Dean and austraLYSIS by John Wickes, in the Autumn 2000 edition of Avant, a leading UK journal on music. Some of many positive quotations: 'Dean's virtuosic [keyboard] technique and stylistic identity';'a characteristic comprehensiveness that would remain Dean's mark' [of 'Cycles' 1976, on Mosaic].

austraLYSIS collaborations initiated with Darani Lewers (Australia), Tom Nunn (USA), and Jonathan Impett (UK).

Dean has also completed the major draft of his book "Hyperimprovisation: Computer Interactive Sound Improvisation", for A-R Editions, USA, publisher of an eminent computer music series. The book will embody several austraLYSIS endeavours, and be accompanied by cd-rom materials currently under preparation.

Roger Dean created a 20 minute solo organ work, freely using and transforming East Timorese Melodies, at Sydney Town Hall, November 29, 2000, as the opening component of 'Anin Murak : Timor Sings'.

A new cd of acousmatic work by Roger Dean, 'Acouslytic', released on Tall Poppies (TP153), November 2000.

AustraLYSIS SOUNDVISION EVENTS November 2000 FULL DETAILS (Performance Space). Note there were also free events at 19.00 each evening (Dr Metagroove, Friday; LowHz, featuring Martin Ng, Saturday). Also installations; and on Saturday, a forum. [Details are below].

Friday 17 November 2000, 20.00 : Acousmatic: soundasSympathy : Roger Dean. Sonic Postcard : Roger Dean. Aquarelle : Michael Norris. Electro-Acoustic: Displacements : austraLYSIS (for contrabass, saxophone, and sound processing). Ligase 1 : Roger Dean (an algorithmic piece for computer controlled keyboards). INTERVAL SoundVision: Sympathetic Strings : Roger Dean and Darani Lewers. Electroacoustic: The austraLYSIS Electroband
Saturday 18 November 2000, 20.00 : Acousmatic Traces of Reason : Roger Dean Dr Metagroove (The MetaMix) : Roger Dean. Chimaera : Michael Norris. Electro-Acoustic Evolution : Roger Dean and austraLYSIS (for live clarinet, pre-recorded trumpet, algorithmic sound, and live digital processing). PolyLigase : Roger Dean (an algorithmic piece for computer controlled keyboards). INTERVAL SoundVision: The Egg, the Cart, the Horse, the Chicken : by Hazel Smith. The Centre Series : Sites of Sound by Darani Lewers and Roger Dean. Electroacoustic: The austraLYSIS Electroband
FRIDAY Schedule: FREE Fri 18.30 Installations available FREE for 19.00 : Dr Metagroove in the space TICKET 20.00 Event
SATURDAY Schedule: FREE Saturday 16.30pm installations available FREE 17.30 pm forum and open discussion. Sounding the future : asserting the opportunities of sound creation while the symphony orchestra/concert event is in (terminal?) decline. FREE 19.00 LowHz in the space for 30 min, with guest Martin Ng TICKET 20.00 Event

Here is the Performance Space outline and schedule :

SONIC CROSS DRESSING. New acoustic, electroacoustic, and intermedia work from the 'ever challenging' .. 'pick of the avant-garde groups' (SMH). New work by austraLYSIS, including acousmatic pieces (electronic sound alone), live electronics, real time computer compositions, and comprovisations for our networked interactive improvising format, the austraLYSIS Electroband. Plus works involving the cross dressing of sound with text and with image, in various realtime interactive mutual challenges. The Performance Space, 199 Cleveland St, Redfern, 2012. Tickets for each evening event $18 (concessions, TPS, $12). Combined ticket for both evenings $30 (concessions, TPS, $20). Bookings 02 9698 7235; or boxoffice@performancespace.com.au Enquiries : 02 9698 7235; or austraLYSIS 9523 2732; or dr.metagroove@mindless.com
Performances Two sound-image works are collaborations with leading artist and jeweller, Darani Lewers; text, sound and image work involves Hazel Smith. Acousmatic work by Michael Norris (New Zealand), and Roger Dean. Besides the two main evening events, there are also installations in the foyer, avant drum n' bass from Dr Metagroove, ancient noise from LowHz, and a forum for discussion and presentation of electroacoustic improvising techniques and approaches. austraLYSIS Performers/creators : Roger Dean, Sandy Evans, Peter Jenkin, Darani Lewers, Neil Simpson, Hazel Smith, Greg White
Friday 17 November : 18.30 Installations available in the foyer (free) 19.00 Dr Metagroove live in the theatre (c. 30min; free) 20.00 Sonic Cross Dressing program1 (ticket entry; note that the two evening programs are entirely different).
Saturday 18 November 16.30 Installations available in the foyer (free) 17.30 (to 18.30) Forum and discussion (free): Sounding the future : new opportunities for sound creation in the twilight of the concert event. austraLYSIS briefly presents some of its interactive techniques in the context of broader open discussion with the audience. 19.00 LowHz, live in the theatre with guest Martin Ng (c.30 min; free) 20.00 Sonic Cross Dressing program 2 (ticket entry; note that the two evening programs are entirely different). The bar will be open from 18.30 both evenings.

austraLYSIS Electroband played at the Erskineville Music Festival, Friday October 13, 2000 20.15pm in the Church. Roger Dean, with Sandy Evans. Dr Metagroove played the same venue Saturday October 14, 21.15 : avant drum n' bass from Dean and White.

"soundasSympathy" and "Dr Metagroove 1 : The Meta-Mix" accepted for release on Metasynthia 2, a US anthology of computer music (due October 2000).

Creation and recording of new work by the austraLYSIS Electroband (comprovisations of Dean and White, recorded with Sandy Evans, Tallong, NSW, January 2000). The material forms 1/3 of a double cd, entitled 'LYSIS Lives : ReSounding in the Mirror' for Future Music records, UK, wich also includes reissues of early Lysis albums 'Lysis Live" (1975), and "Lysis Plus with Ken Wheeler" (1979) from Mosaic Records (UK). Material mixed March-April 2000. Released December 2000.


(many activities spread widely through the period, so the presentation below is not simply chronological)

Release of austraLYSIS ' cd-rom piece, "Walking the Faultlines", on the International Computer Music Association's first cd-rom, Cyberquilt, January 1999, as a result of competitive submission.

Preparation and recording of Bright/Stewart opera "The Sinking of Rainbow Warrior", for the ABC Listening Room, with the Song Company (January-February 1999). This recording launched on Vox Australis on August 12, 2000, at Sydney Opera House.

Performance of the austraLYSIS Electroband with new works by Dean, White, Evans in the (re)opening season of the Studio, at the Sydney Opera House (1999). The works included real-time sound synthesis, as well as networked computer interactive comprovisations.

Presentation of music of Dr.Metagroove, a computer-interactive forum of austraLYSIS, presenting algorithmic avant music related to drum n' bass, at the Studio, Sydney Opera House (1999).

Completion V1.0 of Dr Metagroove's algorithmic meta-dancemusic generator software.

Completion of "Intertwingling", a web-art piece, of sound, text and image, commissioned by Overland, for their Overland Express web site, on which the piece was first released in September 1999.

Some of Dr Metagroove's music made available at www.mp3.com. (August 1999)

The austraLYSIS Electroband performed at the Wangaratta Jazz Festival (October 1999).

austraLYSIS presented the music of its member, Ian Shanahan, together with an improvisation, at the Sydney Spring Festival, at the Studio of the Sydney Opera House. The concert was later broadcast by ABC FM (1999).

The austraLYSIS Electroband appeared for Sydney Improvised Music Association, at the Side On Café, Annandale (1999).

Roger Dean appeared at the first Erskineville Music Festival in a two keyboard performance with Chris Abrahams (1999).

A LYSIS performance, from the "Wings of the Whale" Cd, used as the signature tune for 2RES-FM Science programme, produced by Judy Lee (1999- present).

A new austraLYSIS acousmatic work, "Percy's Centrifuge", presented in Melbourne, at the Grainger Museum, in a concert of commissioned works (organised by Ros Bandt) (1999).

austraLYSIS' own web site, www.australysis.com created. It was released in October 1999, with midi- and real audio sound, as well as information and listings.

austraLYSIS also created several new works during 1999, for release on overseas labels. Most notable was "Traces of Reason", shown at the Trace conference in Liverpool UK, and made available on cd through the international Audio Research Edition, in the company of Eno, Ono and others.

Contracting (1999) of re-release of early LYSIS albums, together with a new austraLYSIS Electroband recording, for Future Music Records (UK), as a double cd.

Completion of austraLYSIS first largely acousmatic cd "Acouslytic", for the Tall Poppies label. Due to be released September 2000.

"Returning the Angles" and other austraLYSIS work also represented in "Keys Round Her Tongue", a new book of poetry and performance pieces by austraLYSIS member Hazel Smith (released by Soma Publications in 2000).

Dr.Metagroove appears at What Is Music Festival Sydney (February 2000).

Roger Dean completes work on 77 entries for the Grove Dictionary of Jazz, 2nd Edition (edited by Barry Kernfeld). He is responsible for writing more than 30 entries, and editing or updating the remainder. He also contributes an article on 'Computers' in jazz to the Dictionary. (2000)

austraLYSIS "soundasSympathy" created : a short sound work concerning musical and sonic symmetry, for the ISIS-2001 Conference Web site (April-May 2000).

austraLYSIS text and sound work presented at Subvoicive events (UK), and presented and discussed at the TRACE web writing conference (UK, July 2000).