dr.metagroove : avant-grooving drum and bass

dr. metagroove has presented its weird drum and bass online, and live, for example at the Sydney Opera House and at the What is Music Festival, and on cd (included with Hyperimprovisation, book and cd-r by Roger Dean published by A-R Editions, USA, 2003). Wide-ranging computer-mediated d&b, using live playing and MAX manipulated algorithms. Real breaks, rhythmic shifts, spectral motion etc. Hear a track on MetaSynthia 2, available from Glen Bledsoe at Metasynthia.


Comments: "Dr Metagroove erupts into a soft-but-virulent chaos of crazily sweltering sound molecules; beneath those flurrious activities, Roger Dean eventually injects a bit of more-musical funkiness." (David J Opdyke, AmbiEntrance, at www.spiderbytes.com).

Some earlier performances:

April 16 2003, at the Second Bimbimbie Sound Event, University of Canberra, 20.30. Free by invitation (contact dr.metagroove@mindless.com)

December 2001, at the SOUNDVISION week at the Performance Space, Sydney.

Friday November 17, 2000, as part of austraLYSIS' Sonic Cross Dressing, at the Performance Space, Redfern (19.00, free)

Friday October 14, 2000, Erskineville Music Festival (The Church, c. 21.15)

Sydney Opera House, Studio, in association with an austraLYSIS performance; What is Music? festival, Sydney

Tracks are available for commercial release : contact dr.metagroove@mindless.com.