austraLYSIS: creating and performing new sound and intermedia arts



austraLYSIS commercial work online: we are now available on Amazon, CDBaby, iTunes, and Spotify, and all our Tall Poppies recordings are available for download at the Australian Music Centre.

austraLYSIS RECENT RELEASES : Instabilities 2 and Speak Far and Wide appeared in 2011 in the longstanding US journal Drunken Boat, volume 12. Also published were our pieces Clay Conversations(2010) and two works in the journal Ekleksographia (2010). See our listen/view page for a broader selection of our work.

the austraLYSIS Electroband: computer-interactive sound improvisation

austraLYSIS SoundMedia PRODUCTION : projects for installations and museums

about the members of austraLYSIS : brief biographies

Roger Dean, composer/improviser, founder and artistic director : brief biography, publication lists

Hazel Smith, writer/performer, co-founder : brief biography, publication lists

See also soundsRite, a journal of online creative work in sound, text and image, founded (2009) and edited by Hazel Smith and Roger Dean.

HearSeeRead austraLYSIS sound and image work released in a range of formats.


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