Roger Dean : Completely notated compositions 

The distinction between completely and partially notated is necessarily incomplete, and so an arbitrary division has been made. For example, some of the works in this section (e.g. 17, 20) contain modest optional improvisatory possibilities, whereas those with greater improvisatory scope are in their own list. Conversely, 25 is an algorithmic composition, which plays from a computer, and is solely embodied in a MAX computer program I have composed (there is no score in musical notation).

Tabulations are in the form (Work and number: Form available (if any))

(Note: xx#n= Commercial recording and its number in the listing of these;CR = cassette; CT= cassette tape of non-commercial recording available on request.) All work available from Soma unless otherwise indicated.

#1.1964 Diversions  for Chamber Orchestra. Premiered by the Gloucestershire Youth Orchestra, UK 1964, with the composer conducting. Not available
#2. 1967 Trio  for clarinet, cello and vibraphone, First performance Cambridge University, 1967. Not available
#3.1969 Study  for Solo Double Bass, premiered Cambridge 1969 by the composer. Score
#4. 1980/3 Certain Roads to Uncertain Lands. A tetralogue for violin and double bass. Premiered by LYSIS, South Bank, London, 1981, and also at the ISCM World Music Days, Aarhus, Denmark. Score
#5.1980/19 Breaking Worlds  for clarinet, violin and double bass. Based on Jean Tinguely. Premiered LYSIS, Purcell Room, South Bank 1981. Score
#6. 1980/20 After Bill. An in memoriam Bill Evans, for solo piano. Premiered by RD, BBC Radio 3 1981. Broadcast Scandinavia, Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Philippines and elsewhere subsequently.


Recording on CD#1

#7.1980/21 Conversely, for trumpet and piano with optional pre-recorded tape. Premiered John Wallace and Roger Dean, South Bank London 1981. Score
#8. 1984/2 515 Madison Avenue (after Frank O'Hara). For Flute Violin and Piano. Premiered by LYSIS 1985, South Bank London. Score
#9. 1985/1 Metropolitan After images. (After Fritz Lang and Jeff Keen). For John Harle and his Berliner Band. Score
#10. 1985/3 B-A. and B.A. A brass quintet for Biskops-Arno and Bernd Alois Zimmerman. Commissioned by Rikskonserter, Sweden, and Equale Brass (UK). Premiered Biskops-Arno Sweden, 1985, by BrassaNova directed by Peter Goodwin. Premiered London by LYSIS, directed by the composer. Score
#11. 1985/4 Motel Mobile for flute and Guitar. Commissioned by Ann Cherry, and premiered UK 1985. Score
#12. 1989/1 Timestrain : Trane's Time Emit, for clarinet and piano with optional delay system. Commissioned by Andrew Sparling, and premiered by him London 1989. Australian premiere by Peter Jenkin (1991); recorded by ABC and on a Tall Poppies cd (TP 039)

Printed score.


#13. 1992/2. gets complicated.... for speaking pianist. Premiered Sydney 1992. Recorded for ABC by the composer. Recorded on Red House records CD (RED 9401) Australian Piano Miniatures by Michael Harvey.

Printed score: In 'Australian Piano Miniatures, Book 3', 1992, Red House Editions, Melbourne


#14 (1993) Elektra Pulses for string quartet and tape. Premiered by the Elektra Quartet, and recorded by the ABC. Score.
#15 (1993/3) Raising not Climbing: The Anangu Journey, for solo cello. Premiered by David Pereira, and recorded by the ABC. On Tall Poppies cd TP096, (2001), Uluru. Score
#16 (1994) Three Bagatelles : for Left and Right. For piano. Score

#17 (1995) SonoPetal for orchestra, commissioned by the Australian Chamber Orchestra, and premiered by them with the composer conducting and as soloist in austraLYSIS (Huntington Festival, 1995). Also performed around Australia 1996. Includes

Sono I  for Oboe

Sono 2  for double bass

Sono 3  for improvisers

Sono 4  for violin



Discussed in "Music Now", a Music Resource Kit for Secondary Schools, written by Kim Waldock (Australian Music Centre, 1996)

#18 (1995) Warshaweshadow for cello and tape. Commissioned by Georg Pedersen, and premiered by him in Sydney.



#19 (1996) Collecting the Thoughts for double bass, saxophone, keyboards, and computer interactive program. Commissioned by Rob Nairn and premiered 1996. Score
#20 (1996) Sono V : Tholos , for solo clarinet. Commissioned by Peter Jenkin, for a volume of short works for clarinet. Premiered 1997. Score (musical notation is identical with that of #21)
#21 (1996) Sono Va : Tholos, for wind controller, saxophone and computer interactive program. Premiered by Sandy Evans, at the Huddersfield Festival of Contemporary Music, UK, 1996

Score (musical notation is identical with that of #20)


#22 (1996) Impacted Spaces, for percussion. Score, for marimba (1 player), vibraphone (1 player), and other percussion (1 or more players).
#23 (1997) ...and the bells light the air... for brass quintet. Commissioned by the Wallace Collection (UK) and premiered Australia and USA, 1997. Score
#24 (1997) the pictures burn... for eight players. Commissioned by the Sydney Alpha Ensemble, and premiered Sydney, 1997. Score
#25 (1997) Automotive. A computerised self-generating but variable algorithmic composition; with algorithmic and interactive audio processing by Greg White.  
#26 (1997) Sono VI : Plaka, for solo guitar Score, published by RedHouse Editions, in 'Guitar Miniatures' (RH 946, 1998).
#27 (1997) Flying, for brass quintet. Score. Commissioned, premiered and recorded by Chaconne Brass, UK.
#28 (1997) PetalSono, for solo oboe, chamber orchestra, two improvisers, and electronic processing. Derived in part from SonoPetal (see # 17).
#29 (1997-8) Sono 3a  for Violin and Viola Score. Written for Maureen Smith and Simon Rowland-Jones; a development of SonoPetal (see #17).
#30 (2000) Notes in Passing Evolution (3 fragments for clarinet and optional digital processing). Premiered at the Performance Space, Sydney, November 18, 2000. Score
#31 (2000) Trumformations : Sono VII  for trumpet (for Torbjorn Hultmark). 5 fragments for trumpet and optional digital processing). Premiered at the Performance Space, Sydney, November 18, 2000. Score.
#32 (2000) Evolution (music for clarinet, trumpet, and live digital processing; with algorithmic computer sound). Premiered at the Performance Space, Sydney, November 18, 2000.


Trumpet material recorded by Torbjorn Hultmark.

#33 (2002) Fanfare and Processionals I and II, for the University of Canberra

Score. Pre-recorded performance by Torbjorn Hultmark used for many Graduations in the Australian Parliament House, Canberra.

#34 (2004) 8 Bagatelles for '8 Os and a W' Score for saxophone and trumpet; part of a multimedia piece, '8 Os and a W', but performable solely with the sonic parts of the piece. Premiered Sydney 2004.
#35 (2007) SnowTalk, for brass quintet and electroacoustic recording. Text by Hazel Smith. Commissioned by Chaconne Brass, UK Score and ea tape.
#36 (2007) Harmonic Moves, for double bass and piano. Commissioned by Rob Nairn, USA, for performance and recording on Tall Poppies (recording made 2008).  
#37 (2009) Resistance (a momentary pleasure) for solo piano. Written in response to an ISCM call for piano works on the theme of momentary pleasures, each written in a single day.