Roger Dean : Commercial recordings involving his creative work 

LP recordings on vinyl:

LP#1)Midnight Blue by Graham Collier Music, on Mosaic GCM 751 (1975)

LP#2)New Conditions by Graham Collier Music, on Mosaic GCM 761 (1976)

LP#3)Lysis Live by LYSIS, on Mosaic GCM 762 (1976) (rereleased on CD #21)

LP#4)Cycles by LYSIS, on Mosaic GCM 774 (1977)

LP#5)Symphony of Scorpions, by Graham Collier Music, Mosaic LP 773 (1977)

LP#6)The Solo Trumpet by John Wallace with LYSIS, on Soma 781 (1978)

LP#7)Dualyses by LYSIS, on Soma 782 (1978)

LP#8)The Day of the Dead, by Graham Collier Music, Mosaic double LP 783/4 (1978)

LP#9)Lysis Plus by LYSIS and Ken Wheeler, on Mosaic GCM 791 (1979) (rereleased on CD #21)

LP#10)Superimpositions by LYSIS, on Soma 783 (1980)

LP#11)Something British by Graham Collier Music, Mosaic GCM 871 (1985)


CD and other recordings :

CD#1)The Wings of the Whale by LYSIS, on Soma CD 784 (1987)

CD#2) Cassette tape published by Open University Press with the book Creative Improvisation by Roger Dean (1989) .

CD#3)Moving the Landscapes by austraLYSIS, on Tall Poppies, TP007 (1992)

CD#4) Windows in Time, by austraLYSIS , includes Timestrain, and also creative contributions by RD to Hazel Smiths Simultaneity, and Rik Rues Three Nocturnal Windows. (1994)

CD#5)The Next Room by austraLYSIS. A double cd of extended improvisations (each approx. 60 minutes) on Tall Poppies TP 0050 (1995)

CD#6) Australian Piano Miniatures (performed by Michael Harvey) Red House Records, Red 9401.Includes It gets Complicated. (1994)

CD#7)Poet without Language by Hazel Smith with austraLYSIS. Rufus RF005 (1994)

CD#8)Arc of Light (Jade cd 1050), including The Debris of All Certainties (1981) played by Hazel Smith violin, with austraLYSIS (1994)

CD#9) Network Vol 1. Discus 3CD Includes Fissuring Silence (1995)

CD#10) Assembly. Australian Computer Music Association Vol 2 includes Silent Nuraghi (1995). This is almost exactly the same as the version on CD#11, and so it is not separately supplied by Soma.

CD#11)Nuraghic Echoes (by Hazel Smith and Roger Dean) Rufus CD RF 025 (1996)

CD#12) A Day in the life of the Clarinet (CD by Peter Jenkin), includes Blues Multiple and also creative contribution to Rik Rues From Three Nocturnal Windows, Tall Poppies CD (1996)

CD#13) The Chris Mann Project, FrogPeak USA, includes Dust

CD#14) The Jackson Mac Low Festschrift CD, produced by Andrew Levy, NYC, USA, includes Lowering the Sky (by Roger Dean and Hazel Smith)

CD#15)Present Tense, by the austraLYSIS Electroband, Tall Poppies, TP 109 (1997). Several of the tracks of this album can be previewed in Real Audio on the Digital Music Archive site.

CD#16) Music Now, The Australian Chamber Orchestra, ACOKITCAS, Cassette released by the Australian Music Centre; includes Sonopetal conducted by the composer (1996)

CD#17). Walking the Faultlines (1996-7). Hypertext by Hazel Smith, sound composition and interactive interface by Roger Dean; production and additional programming by Greg White. An installation piece, later developed as a cd-rom piece. Chosen by the International Computer Music Association for release on its first cd-rom, Cyberquilt (1999).

CD#18) The Third Colour, by the Jazz Ensemble, music of Graham Collier, with Dean playing piano and electronic keyboards. CD, released on Jazz Continuum ASC 1028 (1999) recorded 1997, London.

CD#19) Hope, Audio Research Editions (UK) 1998, ARECD101. Anthology CD which includes Deans Hope: The Spear and The Boat.

CD#20) Trace, Audio Research Editions (UK) 1999, ARECD102. Anthology double CD, which includes Deans Traces of Reason.

CD#21) Kitchen Sink Live (Split Rec 004, 1999) includes Roger Dean – Live At The Palladium, Sydney, March 1997 Drums – Robbie Avenaim Performer [Sampling Keyboard, Laptop] – Roger Dean

CD#22) Lysis Lives : ReSounding in the Mirror, by LYSIS and the austraLYSIS Electroband, Future Music Records FMRCD73-0900,(December 2000). This double CD re-releases LP#3 and LP#9, together with 40 minutes of new recordings (2000) by the Electroband.

CD#23) Acouslytic, devoted to the Acousmatic and Electracoustic music of Roger Dean, Tall Poppies TP 153, (November 2000). Several of the tracks of this album can be previewed in Real Audio on the Digital Music Archive site.

CD#24) Uluru (David Pereira, Cello) includes Raising not Climbing (Tall Poppies, TP096, 2001)

CD#25) What Is Music? An anthology curated by Max Lyandvert, WISMCD01, includes Dean improvising his Sympony (1998).

CD#26)Midnight Blue by Graham Collier Music, on Disconforme (Andorra, 2000) CD 1972 (re-release of Mosaic GCM 751 (1975))

CD#27)New Conditions by Graham Collier Music, on Disconforme (Andorra, 2000) CD 1973 (re-release of on Mosaic GCM 761 (1976)

CD#28)Symphony of Scorpions, by Graham Collier Music, on Disconforme (Andorra, 2000) CD 1974 (re-release of Mosaic LP 773 (1977)

CD#29)The Day of the Dead, by Graham Collier Music, on Disconforme (Andorra, 2000) double CD 1975 (re-release of Mosaic double LP 783/4 (1978), together with first release of the suite Triptych

CD#30)Something British by Graham Collier Music, on Disconforme (Andorra, 2000) CD 1976 (re-release of Mosaic GCM 871 (1985)

CD#31) We are not Alone, by Chaconne Brass and Friends, includes Deans Flying (1998) for Brass Quintet, based on a text of Komunyaaka (released 2001).

CD#32) Poet without Language (excerpt), by Hazel Smith and Roger Dean on CD1 of Homo Sonorus, and International Anthology of Sound Poetry, curated by Dmitry Bulatov, released by the National Centre for Contemporary Art, Russian Federation (2001)

#33)Creative contributions as bassist and improviser to the music by Greg White for circa, a multimedia-theatre installation at the new National Museum of Australia, Canberra (2001).

CD#34) Network Sounds, New Music Network New Music From Australia (2002), includes austraLYSIS performing Dean’s Evolution II, for instruments and computer interactive system.

CD#35) The Third Colour, by Graham Collier, with The Jazz Ensemble (a reissue of CD#18), on Jazz Print JPVP129CD (2003; recorded 1997)

CD#36) With ‘Hyperimprovisation…”, published by A-R Editions, Wisconsin, USA (2003): includes Dean’s ‘Sizing the Tools’ using his drum and bass generator algorithm; and LowHz, with Martin Ng, as well as 3 of my interactive web pieces.

CD#37) Workpoints, by Graham Collier, Two Concerts from a Golden Age of British Jazz, double cd includes CD Live in Middleheim, recorded August 1975, with Dean playing piano. Cuneiform Records (US), CD Rune 213/214, released 2005.

CD#38) Sonic Stones, the austraLYSIS Electroband, Tall Poppies Records, TP 192, Australia (2006)

CD#39) Hoarded Dreams by Graham Collier. A large group recording from 1983, released 2007 by Cuneiform Records, USA. Dean plays piano.

CD#40)Music of the Spirit, 2008. Wirripang Records, 2008. Works from the Aurora Festival, 2008. Includes ‘Ubasuteyama’ (2008).

CD#41) The Peace of Molonglo: A Place of Thunder. Premiered Sydney Conservatorium of Music, September 2005. Released on Australasian Computer Music Association CD, Unfenced, 2008.

CD#42) Directing 14 Jackson Pollocks, double CD of music by Graham Collier, recorded Europe 1997,2004 (Jazz Continuum CD released 2009). Dean plays keyboards.

CD#43) Kinetic Jazz 2011 Bamboozle Jazz BAMB-007, double cd of music from the Kinetic Jazz Festival. This includes Deans 1981 piece Loosely, for jazz orchestra, Dean conducting; and his MultiPiano Event piece, Cloudspotting, for piano and computer interaction performed by Dean solo. Available from Bamboozle and on iTunes etc.

CD#44) Cosmic Waves by Sandy Evans and Friends, with Guru Kaaraikkubdi Mani and Sruthi Laya (2012,Underscore Records, 12EX001ACD). Dean provides transformed drone sounds on trakcs 5, 8 and 10.

CD#45) Cycles, Dualyses, Superimpositions by Roger Dean and LYSIS (2012, SOMA 788 double CD; the LYSIS Re-issue series). A re-release of the original Mosaic and SOMA LPS, together with previously unreleased material from the time.

CD#46) MULTI-PIANO, solo and computer interactive piano by Roger Dean, recorded 1978-2012 (Tall Poppies,TP 225, double CD, 2012).

CD#47) Luminosity, and The Last Suites, by Graham Collier (GCM 2014, Double CD, 2014)

CD#48) History Goes Everywhere, the austraLYSIS Electroband (Tall Poppies, 2015).