Listen/View selected open access sound and intermedia works by austraLYSIS, Roger Dean, Hazel Smith and Greg White.

Excerpts of most commercial releases are available on label and distributor websites, such as Tall Poppies and the Digital Music Archives.

Much of our sound and intermedia work is freely available on the sites of the journals which first published it, or on PennSound, or the National Library of Australia.

In addition selected compressed audio and video files are available here:

hEAring Sound : Electroacoustic work from the ensemble

Roger Dean's PianoStones (2002; 8'40"). From the Tall Poppies CD 'Sonic Stones' TP182.

Dean's Polyrhythmia (pre-1999; provides music on the Home page of this website... as long as you have sound turned on!)

Ian Shanahan's 'Zodiac:Crystal Orbit Improvisations', performed by austraLYSIS, Performance Space, Sydney, July 2006. On the ABC Australian Music Site 'classic/amp'.

Mind your Body, by Roger Dean , Greg White and David Worrall (2004): a sonification of electrophysiological and physiological data from someone listening to music, chosen by the 10th International Conference on Auditory Display (ICAD) for presentation through a 16 channel system at the Studio of Sydney Opera House (July 2004). Available as binaural mp3 (!) at the ICAD website, together with an article by the sound artists

Sounding Science (by Roger Dean)

Exploring with the austraLYSIS Electroband: since 1993, austraLYSIS’ core improvising format, involving computer-interactive and acoustic sound, at the cutting edge.

Greg White's Vestige performed in concert (2008) by Roger Dean, Sandy Evans, Phil Slater, and Greg. This video was made to record AV pieces displayed in the same concert, and hence was too dark to display normally; it has been colour transformed (LIVE VIDEO).

'Acoustics', an improvisation by Elliott Dalgleish, Roger Dean, Sandy Evans from an austraLYSIS performance in December 2007. A podcast by the ABC in their Australian Music weekly series.

Electroacoustics (2007: 9’45”). Released on the New Music Network 2009 sampler CD.
Performed by Elliott Dalgleish (saxophone); Roger Dean (computer); Sandy Evans (saxophone); Greg White (computer). Remix: Roger Dean (2009).
In this piece by Roger Dean the saxophonists improvise freely, while their sounds are recorded by the two computer players and subsequently manipulated. Material which has been recorded can be processed and re-presented between 20 and 180 seconds after it was first played. The two computer players each process one saxophone stream, and a wide variety of transformation techniques are used. A few additional computer generated components are included, and the live performance was later slightly remixed.

Recorded Shape (2001) 4'27"" from the double CD 'LYSIS LIVES' (Future Music Records).

SoundVisions: sonic text and image intermedia works from the ensemble and associates.

Hanging Betsy (2007) A short sound piece related to our radio piece for the ABC The Afterlives of Betsy Scott (2007; by Hazel Smith and Roger Dean).

Minimal 2007, a short work by Hazel Smith.

Time the Magician 2007 (multimedia by Hazel Smith, Roger Dean, sound by austraLYSIS)

Mid-Air Conversations 2006, by Hazel Smith, Roger Dean, Greg White. This piece was written for the Cultural Studies Association of Australia 'UnAustralia' conference (2006), and published on its web site (which is now archived by the National Library of Australia). It was also released by PennSound (USA), the major archive of text-related performance work. The piece is composed in quad (Quicktime, discrete channels 0-3), so adjust your system. It can be played in stereo with appropriate settings.

the space of history 2006, a performance text and sound piece by Hazel Smith, Roger Dean and austraLYSIS.

the writer the performer the program the madwoman 2004, a text performance piece by Hazel Smith and Roger Dean.

soundAFFECTs 2004 (Hazel Smith, Roger Dean with Anne Brewster)

the egg the cart the horse the chicken 2004, an interactive multimedia piece

The Erotics of Gossip, by Hazel Smith and Roger Dean (2001) : pnm:// Best to copy the address from this page into your RealPlayer address; it will probably not open directly from your browser. Or use the ABC Listening Room link. Info and alternative link.

Intertwingling 1998 With sound by Roger Dean and austraLYSIS, hypermedia by Hazel Smith, on the How2 site.

Wordstuffs: the city and the body, 1998, by Hazel Smith, Roger Dean and Greg White, a new media work that fits on a 1Mb floppy. Commissioned by the Australian Film Corporation for their Stuff-Art project.

Returning the Angles 1998, also for the ABC's Listening Room and by Hazel Smith and Roger Dean.

Returning the Angles, by Hazel Smith and Roger Dean (1998) can also be heard on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation web site as streaming RealAudio (best to open your RealPlayer, and call up pnm:// Or use the Jacket magazine page link.

Musecal Detective, by Hazel Smith and Roger Dean (1996), a short piece of text and sound, was released in 2001 on the 'Network Voices' project of Alt-X Digital Arts Foundation, under the aegis of Mark Amerika.

Secret Places (by Hazel Smith)

austraLYSIS' multimedia works "Walking the Faultlines", and "Wordstuffs" are documented on the Australian Sound Design Project web site.

The MultiPiano Solo Show solo single and multipiano work, and related microtonal keyboard work by Roger Dean.

Serial Collaborations 3. A performance using Dean's Serial Collaborator algorithm (driving physical synthesis piano sounds), in conjunction with live digital piano and processing. Recorded in Singapore, November 2013, courtesy of PerMagnus Lindborg and the Singapore13 symposium on interactive sound.

Louis Le Moine (2011) ; and MontrealVideo1, both extracts of performances in Montreal, 2011, at Suoni Popolo festival, video courtesy of Eric Lewis.

Ubasuteyama (2008) by Hazel Smith and Roger Dean (from a Wirripang CD). Features keyboard sounds, using a family of novel microtonal scales created by Dean (presented in the Journal Leonardo 2009, and released on the Scala website of scale tunings 2008). In addition, this piece contains spoken and manipulated text.

MultMutase, an algorithmic multipiano performance piece, as played by Roger Dean in a 2008 concert in Sydney (LIVE VIDEO).

VIPRE Multipiano : a live multi-piano recording (2008). Video excerpt. Please note that this was recorded with low audio fidelity (LIVE VIDEO).

Roger Dean's Harmonic Motion II, an algorithmic post-minimal piece (computer driven piano), from an austraLYSIS performance in December 2007. A podcast by the ABC in their Australian Music weekly series.

SundayPiano-Excerpt (9'; a live recording by Roger Dean, Canberra, Australia, 2004)

Roger Dean's PianoStones (2002; 8'40"). From the Tall Poppies CD 'Sonic Stones' TP182.

Tuning the Tempers 2 (1990) from 'TheWings of the Whale' CD on Soma.


A sample of our older work within Jazz



A sample of our collaborative performances

Zamyatin by Ollie Bown: live algorithm performed by Bown; Roger Dean, Piano. Recorded at the international MetaMusic Weekend, Sydney 2013.