Roger Dean : Arts/Humanities Research Publications

My c. 100 articles are listed in full on the website of MARCS Auditory Laboratories, University of Western Sydney, where I am a research professor. Here I only provide a listing of my humanities research books, which are the items most likely to be of interest to vusers of the austraLYSIS website. I also have an extensive research output in biochemistry (c. 400 substantive publications), readily accessible via ISI or GoogleScholar.

Research Books

B1)R.T. Dean 'Creative Improvisation : Jazz, Contemporary Music and Beyond'. Open University Press, UK/USA, 1989 (pp. 136). This book was published with a tape by LYSIS of performance, analysis and guidance, and provided as CR#11.

B2)R.T. Dean 'New Structures in Jazz and Improvised Music since 1960', Open University Press, UK/USA, 1991 (pp.230)

B3) H.A. Smith and R.T. Dean 'Improvisation, Hypermedia and the Arts since 1945', Harwood Academic, 1997 (pp. 334).

B4)R.T. Dean 'Hyperimprovisation : Computer Interactive Sound Improvisation', A-R Editions (2003), pp.203. With CD-Rom of software, algorithmic interactive patches, and sound works, by Dean and others.

B5)R.T.Dean 'Sounds from the Corner: Australian Contemporary Jazz on CD', Australian Music Centre (2005), pp.193.

B6)H. Smith and R.T. Dean (eds) Practice–led Research: Research-led Practice in the Creative Arts. Edinburgh University Press, 2009. (pp. 278). According to the EUP Catalogue (2013), this book is one of their 'Bestsellers'.

B7) R.T. Dean (ed) The Oxford Handbook of Computer Music. Oxford University Press, 2009 (pp. 595).