Roger Dean : Selected Commercial recordings as interpreter

(Except where noted, Dean plays double bass in the recordings listed here.)

1)Berlioz : Corsair, and Dvorak: Scherzo Capriccioso. The National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain,conducted by Oivin Fjeldstad, recorded 1968, on Music for Pleasure LP, MFP 2133.

2)Iain Hamilton : Five Scenes for trumpet and piano. (RD playing piano). Recorded on LP#6.

3)John Wallace: Rhapsody for trumpet and double bass Recorded by LYSIS on LP#6; and Christian Wolff : Edges. . Interpretive and improvisatory (alsoon LP#6).

4)Milhaud: String Quintet and Dreams of Jacob for Oboe Quintet. Interpretive work. Released on LPs and cds: as on KNEW CD 305.

5)Glenn Branca: music for The Belly of an Architect , a film by Peter Greenaway. Recorded with the London Sinfonietta.

6)Xenakis: Epei, with Spectrum, on Wergo CD 6178-2.

7)Tom Phillips: Sections of Music for n on CD#2. Interpretive and improvisatory.

8)Michael Gordon : Acid Rain, with Spectrum, on Big Noise from Nicaragua, CRI Composers Recordings Inc, CD 636.

9)Grieg : Holberg Suite, on Australian Chamber Orchestra, Sony Masterworks SK 53356.

10)Elena Kats Chernin : 'Clocks', Chamber music, played by Sydney Alpha Ensemble, ABC Records 456 468-2 (1997; by mistake, Dean is not credited on the cd-notes.)

11) The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior,  an opera by Colin Bright and Amanda Stewart, performed by the Song Company and austraLYSIS, conducted by Roland Peelman. On Vox Australis VAST028-2 (2000; Dean plays keyboards).

12) Harrison Birtwistle : Silbury Air, music performed by Sydney Alpha Ensemble, conducted by David Stanhope (ABC 465 651-2; released 2000).

13)Robert Iolini: Congo and Zimbabwe (RD playing piano) on ReR Quarterly CD Vol4 #2, 1997. See Robert's web site for some excerpts of his music including other performances involving Dean. Other works of Iolini with Dean (piano), Sandy Evans, and other performers are on his 2001 CD "iolini" (ReR Megacorp; see their website).

14)Andrew Ford : Harbour (RD plays bass). Tall Poppies TP128 (1999(

15) Arc of Light, for solo piano, by Ian Shanahan. On Jade CD 1091 (2001)

16) Lines of Light, for recorder, synthesizer, and percussion, by Ian Shanahan. On Jade CD 1091 (2001; recorded by austraLYSIS; Dean plays synthesizer)

17) Zodiac, for recorder, wind controller, and keyboards/computer, by Ian Shanahan. On Jade CD 1092 (2001; recorded by austraLYSIS; Dean plays keyboards/computer).

18)Lines of Light, and Zodiac (Zodiac seems to be a separate recording from that above, again by austraLYSIS), music by Shanahan. One Sidereal Records (2004), See The cd is entitled Harmonia:Australian Music Featuring Recorders. Ian Shanahan, recorders, with austraLYSIS and many others. Includes Shanahan's Lines of Light: Seven Improvisations, and Zodiac:Crystal Orbit Improvisations, played by austraLYSIS. Sidereal Records, SRCD001 (2004). Available from Mad CDs, phone + 61 2 9572 9669.

19) John Rimmer: Chamber Music (Dean plays piano, with LYSIS, in Rimmer's Omarama: recorded 1987). Waiteata CD WTA010 (2008).