Roger Dean : Acousmatic works (pre-recorded tape/cd works for sound projection in concert or event)

(Note: xx#n= Commercial recording and its number in the recordings list; CT= analogue recording of non-commercial recording available on request.) All work available from Soma unless otherwise indicated.

#1. 1990 Who Dies. Electronic music for a multimedia work of the same name, by Kinetic Energy Theatre Company, The Edge, Sydney Recording on CT
#2. 1992/3. Who Lives. Electronic music for a multimedia work of the same name, by Kinetic Energy, The Edge, Sydney Recording on CT.
#3 1992-3 Silent Nuraghi. Computer music on tape. Recorded by ABC as part of 'Nuraghic Echoes', see below. CD#11.
#4 Fissuring Silence (1992). Computer work on tape. CD#9
#5 Wobbling the Humours (1996). Computer work on tape. CD#22
#6 Electric Tomato (1995) Computer work on tape. CD#22
#7 FrogWordMirror (1996) Computer work on tape. CD#22
#8 Lowering the Sky : For Jackson Mac Low (1997) CD#14; CD#22
#9 Undiscovered Land :Voyages I and II (music integral to two multimedia performance pieces by Kinetic Energy, 1996 and 1997) Digital
# 10 Sono Va (1996; for wind controller). A scored work, for realisation with electroacoustic sounds, and accompanying Max patch. CD#22
#11 Dust (the Chris Mann collaborations on Frog Peak) (1997) CD#13; CD#22
#12 Sizzle (1997). A work in the drum and bass idiom Digital
# 13 Automotive (1998). An algorithmic work, composed in Max. CD#22
# 14 Hope : The Spear and the Boat (1998) First released on "Hope", Anthology CD by Audio Research Editions, UK 1998 (ARECD101; CD#19). Also on CD#22
# 15 Percy's Centrifuge (1998) CD#22
# 16 Acouslytic (1999) CD#22; CD #28;
#17 Jungle Jongleur (1999). ( Drum and bass; together with generic MAX patches for musical event generation and sound processing). CD#22; CD #28;
# 18 Traces of Reason (1999) Released on 'Trace", Anthology double CD by Audio Research Editions, UK 1999 (ARECD102; CD#20).
#18 soundasSympathy (2000). A 30" sound work for the web site of the International Symmetry Conference 2001.(available) CD (2000): Metasynthia 2.
#19 Dr Metagroove: The Meta-Mix (2000) CD (2000) : Metasynthia 2.
#20 Sizing the Tools (1999) by the Drum and bass machine alias Dr Metagroove (generated by Dean’s Max drum and bass patch) Released on cd-r with Dean’s Hyperimprovisation, A-R Editions (2003)
#21 PianoStones (2002) Digital. Premiered Brisbane Powerhouse, October 2002. Released on Sonic Stones, Tall Poppies 2006.
#22 Mind your Body (2004) Digital. A 16 channel sonification of electrophysiological and physiological data from a person listening to music. Published by the 10th International Conference on Auditory Display, Sydney July 2004, and presented in the Studio of the Sydney Opera House. (Available on the conference proceedings cd-rom.)
#23 Architect of the Ether (2004) Digital. Premiered Launceston, St George's Theatre, July 2004. A tribute to Rory Spence.
#24 Speak the NoiseSpeech (2004) Digital. Accompanies and illustrates an online article on my concept of NoiseSpeech, in the Journal of New Media and Culture (2004).
#25 The Peace of Molonglo: A Place of Thunder (2005) Digital. A 4channel work. Premiered Sydney Conservatorium, 2005. Released on an Australasian Computer Music Association CD, 2008, 'Unfenced'..
#26 Ligating the Rhizome (2006) Digital. A multistrand work of algorithmic post-minimalism, realized live by computer. Premiered Sydney 2006, presented at the Cultural Studies of Australasia Conference Special event 2006.
#27 Hanging Betsy (2007) by Roger Dean and Hazel Smith A short text and sound piece. Released online at the MEAPSoft Music Showcase of Columbia University (see final section of the page, “More Advanced Examples”).
#28 SnowTalking (2007) An electroacoustic piece, with text by Hazel Smith, developed from the electroacoustic portions of Notated Work #35. Premiere December 2007, Sydney, in an austraLYSIS event at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Published 2011 in soundsRite Volume 3, available online.
#29 Harmonic Moves II (2007) An algorithmic postminimalist harmonic piece for computer-controlled piano (premiered 2007). Released as a podcast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 200902.
#30 Mutase and MultiMutase (2008) A two- or multi-strand algorithmic postminimalist polyphonic piece for computer-controlled piano (premiered 2008). Also designed for computational/empirical studies of musical segmentation.
#31 Electrointensities (2009) A four channel work structured primarily on the basis of temporal patterns of acoustic intensity change. An electronic counterpart to Playing Intensities (see below). Premiered Sydney Conservatorium of Music, 2009.
#32 Speaking Straight (2009) by Hazel Smith and Roger Dean. Computer sound-poetry using austraLYSIS’ Text Transformation Toolkit (see Instabilities in the Multimedia Listing for more information). In press in aslongasittakes, an online journal of sound poetry published by the Atlanta Poets
#33 Speak Far and Wide (2009) by Hazel Smith and Roger Dean. A multichannel sound piece, with the same bases as #32.